Crescendo Kids

Violin Adventures - Arizona
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Learn the Violin with confidence

Using proven methodology from books such as Essential Elements and All for Strings, coupled with our effective teaching strategies, your child can master the violin. Our program offers a gateway to the endless learning potential that violin playing provides.

Our comprehensive online program eliminates any hindrances to learning, giving your child the flexibility to learn at their own pace. This approach enables deep immersion in the learning process, enhancing their musical journey and making it a rewarding experience.

We provide various program levels to cater to your family's needs. Whether you're following this course independently or utilizing the all-access pass, your child will benefit from effective teaching strategies and detailed instructional videos.

So, let your child embark on this thrilling journey of learning the violin. Witness their growth, excellence, and the development of their unique musical voice, while they explore the joy and beauty of music.

created by

Erin Conrad

Erin Conrad created this course in hopes of bringing music to all kids around the world.  With the help of Hal Leonard with the Essential Elements Series and Kjos All for Strings Series, Erin is able to teach valuable material and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn through personalized instruction.